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Click the button below to accept these conditions and proceed to the registration form (you must be 16 or over to join online).

Becoming a member

Membership to Cockburn Libraries is free to all people. You will need to present some identification with your current home address. If you are under 16 years of age a parent or guardian will need to come to the library with you to sign the application.

Joining online

You may join the library online by clicking on the button below after you have read and accepted the membership conditions. When you complete the online form you will be given a temporary membership number that you can use when you are reserving items in the catalogue. To obtain your membership card you will need to visit the library within 4 weeks, show your identification and sign a register.

Conditions of membership

  • To borrow items you must present your library membership card (the physical card or a digital version stored on your mobile phone).
  • Your library card should not be given to anyone else. You are responsible for all items borrowed. Please notify the library immediately if your card is stolen or lost.
  • Your membership will expire every two years from the date of joining. At this time please visit or telephone the library and a staff member will check that your details are still correct and renew your membership for another two years.
  • There is a charge of $3 for replacement of lost membership cards.
  • Items may be borrowed for three weeks and can be renewed twice if not required by another member.
  • Items may be returned at any branch of the Library. An after hour chute is available at the Spearwood Library branch. Items left in the chute after hours are regarded as having been returned on the next open day.
  • You must take care of the items you borrow and pay for any loss or damage that occurs. If you discover that an item is damaged you must never attempt to repair it yourself. You must also advise library staff of the damage when you return it.
  • Overdue notices are a courtesy reminder for your convenience. Once an item is 4 weeks overdue an invoice is sent for the replacement cost of the loans plus a $5 overdue fine. If the items are returned at this point then only the $5 fine is payable. Ignoring this invoice may result in further fees being raised by a materials recovery agency.
  • A reservation and/or inter-library loan service is available for those items which are on loan, available at another branch or at another library service. You can place your own reservations for most items via the public access online catalogues at our branches or online from home.
  • If you change your address or name please notify us immediately.
  • Your membership details are confidential. See the City of Cockburn Privacy Statement for how we manage your personal information.